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Get a full workout with one space-saving unit with the Body Fit Weight Bench. Its design allows you to safely lift up to 30kg. Bench press, butterfly and incline settings allow you to work different muscle groups at each workout. The adjustable backrest allows you to lay flat on your back or face down.

Bodyfit Weight Bench With 50kg Weight Plus Gym Glooves

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Our Weight Lifting bench is a piece of equipment use for weight training. It is an equipment used when training with barbells and dumbbells as the case may be. It helps one attain the type of positioning he needs in order to achieve the type of fitness you desire. It is an equipment that can be used at gyms and even within the confines of your home. It has a well laid back-rest platform that gives the body comfort even while embarking on various exercises achieved using the weight lifting bench. Plus free weight lifting glove

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