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Bodyfit Recumbent Exercise Bike

170,000.00 165,000.00

Bodyfit Recumbent Exercise Bike

170,000.00 165,000.00
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you have a bad back this is probably the exercise bike you should be looking to buy. The Recumbent Bike will have the seat closer to the ground and the pedals in front of you so your hips and knees are at the same levels. This will take the pressure off of the lower back.

  • Orbit-rack 3in1 bike
  • It has a control meter
  • It comes with dumbbells
  • It comes with twister
  • It comes with stepper
  • Back rest Seat

● Cordless And Rechargeable: This handheld massager is cordless and features a rechargeable lithium battery.
● Deep Percussion Massager: This massager kneads the pain and aches out of your body like an expert therapist.
● Variable Speed Auto-Massage Mode: Find the perfect speed and intensity to enjoy your massage to the fullest.
● Three Attachments: This massager has three attachments that each target different problems you may have.
● Innovative Design: This hi-tech product was designed to be as sleek and fashionable as possible.

Keep fit with this adjustable training bench which fits into your own home perfectly. Exercises for the abdomen, back, hip and glutes can be optimally adapted and performed efficiently.

Become a true basketballer with the Portable Basketball System. This item is a good choice if you’re a serious about your game or if you just like to shoot around. It’s an excellent option that lets you take along your passion for the sport wherever you go. This lifetime basketball system goes anywhere, thanks to its innovative portable design.

Product Description Yoga Mat – Best Premium Thick Exercise mat – Great for aerobic and pilates – use at home and gym – with strap carrier – for man and woman. The benefits of yoga are numerous: *improved strength, *Balance, *Coordination, *Stress relief and peace of mind.

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