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Single User Trampoline


The Single User Trampoline is perfect for a quick and easy workout. Jump on and jump off as many times as you like, without disturbing your partner. Work up a sweat with this single-user trampoline. It’s perfect for the home or office and can provide a healthy way to burn off energy. Jump on the trampoline and let gravity take you for a spin.

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Single User Trampoline

greater than 40 “Trampoline. An enjoyable workout at last! Squeal with pleasure! You’ve discovered a workout routine that won’t make you want to cry. Enhanced Standard 40 “The benefits of trampolining include increased cardiovascular fitness, general muscle strength, and assistance with weight loss. Start off softly and move forward at your own pace. You can advance to a more thorough cardiovascular workout by incorporating hand or ankle weights into your regimen.

On the Crescendo Fitness mini trampoline, have fun while getting fit.

On this single exercise trampoline, develop your core and increase your endurance through cardio exercises.
Watch TV or listen to music while getting in a cardio workout.
There are several possible exercises: vertical bounces, jogging in place, hop on and off, or creating your own regimen.
In as little as 15 minutes, you can strengthen your muscles, boost your immune system, and increase your endurance.
leg separation for simple storage
The small size makes it possible to set up almost anywhere.
40 inches in diameter and 8 inches high.
Size when assembled: 40” Round


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