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Punching Bag sizes

Boxing has many advantages, like improving physical fitness and teaching you to go past your comfort zone while developing self-control, rigor, and respect. Boxing is a versatile discipline that allows you to focus your energy, build muscle, and increase your endurance. Enjoy a genuine experience while relaxing your body and mind. Punch bag workouts help boxers develop stronger muscles so they can punch harder.

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Two versions of the 850 punch bag are available: the pre-filled 850 bag and the cheaper, empty 850 bag that may be filled with fabric scraps (more expensive). Both variants share the same layout and have premium polyester canvas coverings. They are ideal for regular punching drills. For optimal safety, they are fastened together using strong, reinforced straps and a snap hook.

The bag can be filled to various levels. Dimensions The typical sizes are as follows: – The bag is 85 cm long when full, and depending on the contents, it will naturally bulge at the top or bottom. – The straps attached to the bag measure 31 cm vertically from top to bottom and are not adjustable.

How to Pick a Punch Bag: The size of your bag will depend on the style of boxing you use (from 80 cm to 120 cm). – Select a punching bag between 80 cm and 100 cm in length for punches only. – Select a bag that is at least 100 cm long for punches and kicks. – For children or beginners, choose a flexible polyester bag. – For regular boxers, use a firm, long-lasting PVC or leather bag. – Use a robust natural leather bag for experienced boxers or for rigorous training.

Use caution when punching your bag because you run the danger of hurting yourself. When working out, always wear inner or boxing gloves.

Cleaning instructions: To clean your punch bag, use a moist cloth and soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Do not keep in a wet environment (indoors or outdoors).


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