Magnetic Upright Exercises Bike

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Magnetic Upright Exercises Bike Experience completed fitness in the comfort of your home. The Magnetic Upright Bike gives you a delightful exercise workout for muscle toning, lower body workout, weight loss, and general fitness. The bike empowers you to regulate the intensity for effective results. The bike comes with a display to show you your work progress – the display covers Distance Covered, Time Spent, Calorie Burnt, and Pulse.

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Magnetic Upright Exercises Bike  Recently bettered 2- in- 1 Bike( Elliptical/ Upright Bike). This bike can serve as an elliptical and an upright bike. It’s a multifunctional elliptical/ upright exercise bike for cardiovascular exercise. It’s essential for losing weight and burning off calories and total body fat.

Good for the heart muscles. It has a TV screen showing palpitation, Calorie count, Time, Speed, and Distance. This 4- Handle Orbitrac Elliptical bike features a balanced pedal base which aids in easy cycling.

The external handle allows the rider to exercise with both hands and legs contemporaneously. This aids calorie burning and indurate of arm muscles. The inner handle serves as a support for your hands during exercise.

Cycling with the inner handles is analogous to cycling on an upright bike as you can sit down on the seat. You can exercise with either of your hands at a time. The bike features a Multi Resistance Adjustment Knob which enables the stoner to regulate the difficult position during a drill by revolving the clump vertically.

Using this bike is delightful because you can cycle while sitting or standing. It has a malleable seat to suit the stoner’s height. This bike also comes with a Twister and a set of light-ladened dumbbells for inflexibility exercise. harmonious use of this bike will guarantee your complete heartiness. Quality is guaranteed 100




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