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Health & Fitness Standing Stepper Exercise Equipment


With the Standing Stepper Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands, you can stay in shape and feel good in the comfort of your own home. This Standing Stepper exercise machine can assist you in getting a full-body workout as well as a shapely and toned figure by strengthening your muscles and providing a complete cardio workout. Anywhere and at any moment, exercise! Unpack the standing Stepper and attach the supplied resistance bands to start your fitness adventure. This stepper has removable resistance bands. The convenient straightforward assembly allows you to assemble your stepper more quickly, more affordably, and with less effort!

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Health & Fitness Standing Stepper Exercise Equipment

About Standing Stepper

MONITOR YOUR FITNESS: Your exercise will be more reasonable and efficient thanks to the LCD monitor’s measurements of your steps, time, and calories.

ENTIRE BODY: With its changeable training bands and low-impact aerobic workout, this premium standing Stepper tones your chest, back, and shoulders while tightening over 20 different core muscles.

SYSTEM FOR HYDRAULIC DRIVE: This exercise machine’s hydraulic motor system produces a smooth stepping action. assembles upon arrival (simply attach resistance bands)

HEIGHT ADAPTATION: The step motion height is adjusted by a height adjustment knob to accommodate either brief bursts or extended steps.
NON-SLIP WIDE PEDALS: A firm, non-slip footing is guaranteed by large, textured foot plates. With each counterclockwise rotation, the height range will get less.


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